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Yuchai Power Purchases 49% of Caterpillar Shares on Yuchai



Yuchai Internatioanl Company declared that their subsidy Guangxi Yuchai Machine Company has made agreement with Caterpillar that they will purchase 49% of their shares on Yuchai Power so that they can completely control of Yuchai Power.


Yuchai Refabrication Company is a joint venture by Yuchai Power and Caterpillar in April 2010 and the company start to run in 2011 and they provides services for diesel engine and parts produced by Yuchai Power and Caterpillar. 

It is told that Remanufacturing is a kind of high end recycling way and it can repair and perfect manufacturing specification to change parts which are near service life period. Caterpillar is leading on this globally and they can make use of over 100 million pounds of scraps each year to produce engines, gearbox and hydraumatic parts. 

Caterpillar will continue providing technology supports for Yuchai Refabrication Company and Yuchai Power will keep win win cooperation with Caterpillar.


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CEEC DongFeng Chassis


CEEC DongFeng Chassis


CEEC DongFeng Chassis


CEEC DongFeng Chassis


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