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Why do we need to use the CEEC road sweeper truck?



A traditional answer: street road sweeper used to sweep the street, washing cars used to wash and dry a variety of ground.
Second, the professional's answer: the CEEC air sweeper can not only solve the difficulties for users to get more profits. CEEC Road sweeping vehicles have the following issues:
1, people live in full health problems in dusty environments;
2, the state law or local regulations require environmental indicators;
3, the excessive damage caused by the road prematurely due to dust or garbage;
4, the product of the production workshop dust pollution problem;
5, fixed or mobile machine within the production plant by the dust pollution problem;
Can bring greater profits (or savings):
1, A street sweeper truck sweeping vacuuming system is equivalent to 6-40 times the artificial;
2, to reduce dust on the degree of environmental pollution (to save time and money, reduce manual cleaning of product appearance, cleaning and maintenance of machinery and equipment, as well as periodic environmental health)
3, to improve work efficiency, while improving the operator's work;
4, a good and clean environment not only improves the image of the city, and more conducive to the construction of urban culture and the public's enthusiasm.

Previous CEEC 8CBM road sweeper truck export to Africa for reference:

8CBM road sweeper truck


8CBM road sweeper truck


8CBM road sweeper truck 

Five Mechanical and manual comparison of high performance CEEC road sweeper truck:
1, Road sweeper work efficiency, the same area of operation time greatly shortened;
2, Cleaning costs, it is certain that the mechanical cleaning of the unit area cost is even lower than the manual;
3, The effect of cleaning, road sweeper mechanical cleaning agents can be avoided using the average, the cleaning effect is not uniform;
4, Safety performance, the cleaners are in the security environment (too many vehicles on the road, their own security awareness is not strong)
5, the economic return to road sweeper, for example, the day it stop using the total cost of how much money, is its true price. In addition to investment costs, operating costs and human consumption costs.

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