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What the drivers need to know when operation garbage compression trucks



As Chinese Asia said: More preparation may quicken the speed in doing work. Truely, a driver know more about the truck, the work will be more efficiency. As for one of the part of all city sanitation equipment, garbage compactor trucks are always playing an important role. So in order to help all refuse compression vehicles user know more about the trucks, here following are some suggestions from CEEC TRUCKS:


1. Knowing the main composition of the garbage compactor trucks:

There are mainly five important part that consist of the garbage compactor system:Push Plate; Slide Plate; Tail Gate; Scraper; Tilt Device. 

CEEC Garbage Compactor Trucks


2. Knowing the operation boxes & operation joysticks for the garbage compactor trucks:

One main control box in cabin (nearby the driver seat)

NOTE: Firstly turn on the POWER BUTTON then you can do other operation; When all work finished, never forget to turn off the POWER BUTTON.  (Please note the INDICATORS to see the real-time working condition)

CEEC Garbage Compactor Trucks


Two rear control boxes on the two side of Tail Gate

NOTE: Please choose the right button to operation, avoid any damage to the garbage compactor trucks.

CEEC Garbage Compactor Trucks


Operation Joysticks between the cabin and garbage tank ()

NOTE: the operation joysticks just for emergency, we strongly suggest you use the Control Box when trucks are working.

CEEC Garbage Compactor Trucks

Below guidance will help you to operation

CEEC Garbage Compactor Trucks


3. Knowing the exactly means of the notes on the garbage compactor trucks:

CEEC Garbage Compactor Trucks

CEEC Garbage Compactor Trucks

CEEC Garbage Compactor Trucks


Be a good driver and show responsiable for yourself and the society!


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