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As the best Water Tanker manufacturer in china, CEEC TRUCKS plant can produce good quality dongfeng 4CBM water truck, 6CBM water sprinkler tanker truck, 10,000L water delivery truck, 12CBM anti-dust water tanker truck, 16CBM water truck, 20CBM beiben water transport truck, 26CBM heavy water truck. Our water trucks can be all-wheel-drive 4*4 drive system, or 6*6 driving system. And drive model can be Left hand drive for Myanmar, Ghana, Philipine; and Right hand drive for Zambia, Kenya. Also the tanker capacity of our water trucks can be range from 10CBM, 20 CBM, 30 CBM and 40 CBM.

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2-3CBM mini Water Tanker Truck

4CBM Water sprinkler Truck

5CBM Water Transport Truck

6CBM Water Sprinkler Tanker Truck

2,000 gallons Water Tanker Dongfeng

10,000L Water Delivery Truck

12CBM Anti-Dust Water Tanker Truck

16CBM Water Tanker

18CBM Liquid Tanker Truck

20CBM Water Tanker Truck

24CBM Water Transport Tanker Truck

25-26CBM Heavy Water Truck

20CBM Water Sprinkler Tanker Trucks newly design water tanker hot sale

As the most professional 20CBM Water Sprinkler Tanker Truck manufacturer,we CEEC can produce 20000Liters high performed tanker truck, equipped with front, side and rear spray, as for tank, the material is carbon ste........View More

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14-18CBM all-wheel drive Water Tanker Street Sprinkler Trucks HOT SALE

DongFeng 6x6 all-wheel drive water tanker truck, also named military sprinkler truck, which widely used for military water transportation. Also the 190HP engine can better cover the rough road. the LHD / RHD are optional........View More

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20-24CBM Water Transport Tanker Trucks hot sale cheap price

Best DongFeng 20-24CBM water tanker truck, with 245HP engine power and color for optional, Install with self-flow and fire-hydrant valve. Equip with self-priming pump,which co........View More

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16-20CBM Water Tanker Trucks water cannon vehicle for sale

As the most professiona DongFeng water tanker manufacturer, CEEC TRUCKS can supply 16-20CBM carbon steel tank water sprinkler.which can clearing out the urban sewer, pipeline muddy sediments, corner sludge, etc......View More

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12-15CBM Tianjin Water Tanker Trucks Wholesale

DongFeng Tianjin water tanker truck is widely known all over the world, with the capacity range from 12CBM to 15CBM, the high quality carbon steel made tank, with thickness for tank 4mm, for shell cover 5mm, for clapboar........View More

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14CBM Water Tanker Trucks with bottom price for sale

China best DongFeng 14CBM water tanker truck supplier is CEEC TRUCKS, the 14000L sprinkler truck has front spray system, rear spray system, side spray system. the carbon steel tank have anticorrision, and the truck mainl........View More

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13CBM Water Sprinkler Tanker Trucks factory price for sale

China CEEC 13CBM water sprinkler truck, which being widely used for potable water transportation, also the high performed Carbon steel tank with anticorrission treatment can be better for the use age......View More

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12CBM Water Tanker Trucks with low pressure spraying system for sale

Front washing and rear sprinkling, with spurting aside, with working platform after the tank installed high pressure cannon. CEEC 12CBM water tank truck with carbon steel tank special for export......View More

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6CBM Water Sprinkler Trucks export to Myanmar

Best DongFeng 6CBM water tank truck, also named water sprinker truck, which can be used for watering. this 120HP tanker truck use carbon steel, with tank thickness for 4mm, all have anticorrission treatment......View More

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10CBM Potable water tanker trucks with stainless tank

best 10CBM water tanker truck, also named sprinkler truck, which is being widely used all over the world, for water transportation, street creaning, etc. all performed very well. The 160HP engine power can support very h........View More

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