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As professional Road Sweeper Truck upper structure manufacturer, can produce 3000L dongfeng street sweeping truck, 4CBM ISUZU road sweeper truck, 8CBM road cleaning truck and 10CBM road sweeper. We are also authorized isuzu road sweeper trucks supplier for Myanmar and Ghana government. For all road sweeper have RHD model.

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3CBM Road Sweeper Truck

4CBM Airport Road Cleaning Truck

5000L ISUZU Road Sweeper

6CBM Street Washing Machine

8CBM Vacuum Sweeping Machine

10CBM Road Washing Truck

6CBM Road Sweeper Truck high quality road sweeping vehicle hot sale

CEEC Road Sweeper Truck use DongFeng chassis, equipped with YUCHAI 120PS engine and 5-shift manual gearbox, as for the tank, the material is high quality stainless steel, very reliable quality and long service life.........View More

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6CBM Road Sweeping Cleaner Truck newly design street flusher truck for sale

Best 6CBM road sweeper truck use reliable quality stainless steel, with tank capacity for garbage 5-6CBM, for water 1-2CBM, all performed very well. the Used street cleaner sweeping truck equipped with 120horse power eng........View More

Hot tags  :  reliable quality 6CBM street cleaner truck for export in Asia, Africa, South America, etc. Road Sweeper Truck best 5-6CBM road sweeper truck manufacturer in China

10CBM Road Sweeping Truck DongFeng 4x2 low price road sweeper truck

High-tech & reliable quality 10CBM road sweeper truck have 4 sweeper brushs, with 9CBM refuse tank & 1-2CBM water tank, and all the tank material is Stainless Steel. Also some other equippment can be choose, such........View More

Hot tags  :  best 10000Liters Road Sweeper Truck for export in Africa and America used road sweeping vehicle with stainless steel tank

5CBM Street Sweeping Truck DFAC vacuum road sweeper truck for sale

Best 5CBM road sweeper truck use ISUZU & DongFeng chassis, with 5CBM garbage tank and 1CBM Water tank, and the tank material are stainless steel, reliable quality & high performance. the 5000Liters street sweepin........View More

Hot tags  :  street sweeper truck with 5000Liters tank for export used DongFeng/ISUZU road sweeper truck for hot sale cheap price

8CBM Road Sweeper Truck industrial road sweeper of good price for export

DongFeng 8cbm washing sweeping truck, which is combination of washing and sweeping, with the 8000L tank using stainless steel material, which longly extend the service life. the driving steering can be LHD & RHD, als........View More

Hot tags  :  best 8CBM sweeping equipment for hot sale in domestic and overseas used road sweeper truck with Chinese DongFeng brand

8-10CBM Road Sweeper Truck service community environment protection

DongFeng 8-10CBM washing sweeping truck, which is combination of washing and sweeping, with all tank using stainless steel, the driving steering can be LHD & RHD, also the all-wheel drive chassis can be optional. the........View More

Hot tags  :  Best 8-10CBM road sweeper truck for export low price best road sweeper truck technical technical drawing

7-8CBM Road Sweeper Truck vacuum sweeping vehicle factory directly selling

Best 7-8CBM road sweeper truck with stainless steel tank, and for garbage tank capacity 7-8CBM; for water tank capacity 1CBM, the engine power is 160HP, use famous Chinese engine brand. Also the 7000-8000Liters road swee........View More

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6CBM Road Sweeper Truck street sweeping vehicle with water spraying system

DongFeng 6CBM road sweeper truck is one of the best sale sweeper truck, with 6CBM garbage tank & 1 CBM water tank. The engine power 120HP, with RHD for optional, also the all-wheel drive DongFeng chassis for rough ro........View More

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5CBM Road Sweeper Truck with Japanese technology wholesale with good price

High-tech 5CBM road sweeper truck have 4 sweepers, with 5CBM refuse tank & 1CBM water tank, and all the tank material is Stainless Steel. there are two warning LED light at rear, which make the working environment mo........View More

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3CBM Road Sweeper Truck mini airport cleaning vehicle hot sale

As the professional road sweeper truck manufacturer in China, we CEEC can supply 3CBM to 10CBM brush sweeper truck, all with Stainless steel garbage tank and water tank, also the pipelines are totally stainless steel mat........View More

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