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Rear Loading Compression garbage truck with 4CBM tank hot sale



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Have you ever viewed manysuppliers but you don't know which one to choose?

Have you ever viewed thousandsof products but don't know which one matches your needs?

Have you ever worried aboutthe quality and after sales service about the trucks that seem to beeconomical?

Have you ever ... ...

4000liters Garbage Compactor truck sale

Our CEEC TRUCKS products reach their fame with reasonable price, reliable quality, nice after-sales service and good public praises.

1. Reasonable Price

1.1 Price of chassis. There are many brands of chassis in China and other countries. The prices are different with different brands. Some brands whichhave cooperation with our factory are.

1.2 Price of upper body. This is a very important part which will affect the cost and performance of the trucks. Different manufactures, different production process, different testing modes and different enterprise culture will end to different prices. We CEEC TRUCKS have involved in making special trucks for many years. We aim to provide ourcustomers the best trucks but save every penny for them. We place different testing ways before and after truck making.

1.3 Price of optional parts. All trucks made here are of same quality and factory standard equipped, which meet the needs of the most people. But different countries are of different road conditions and standards; we need to adjust the price based on the optional choices.

4000liters Garbage Compactor truck sale

2. Reliable quality

It's well known that QUALITY isa very import factor. We adopt three tests to each truck to ensure the quality.Test of the spare parts, test in the workshop and test of the whole truck onroad.

4000liters Garbage Compactor truck sale

3. Nice After-sales Service

It is machine that will haveproblem while using a certain time. We have many after-sales service points inAfrica and Asia countries to provide free maintenance for our clients. Andthere are many Chinese chassis center providing chassis maintenance.

3.1 24-hour consultation. When your trucks are ofproblem, you can call us at any time for professional advice.

3.2 Overseas engineersavailable. We are able to send our engineers to your place when the truck is ofserious problem.

3.3 Spare parts available. Some parts of the trucks areeasily been worn out. It is wise of you to buy some with the truck; you canalso buy them at any time you want from us.

4000liters Garbage Compactor truck sale

4. Good Public Reputation

We CEEC TRUCKS products arewell known in China for their nice performance and because they are highly costeffective. The customers buy our vehicles again and again, also recommend themto their partners. This proves that CEEC reached a good fame in their market.

4000liters Garbage Compactor truck sale

China DFAC Compressed Garbage Truck

Technical Specification



Overall dimensions(L×W×H)


Emission standard

Euro 3


DFAC, single row, air conditioned



Curb weight


Loading capacity


Fuel type


Engine & Chassis Specification

Chassis model


Engine model


Max. Speed






Wheel base


Axle load



Standard equipped 7.00-16 14PR tyre

Upper Parts Specification

Body volume


Hydraulic system pressure


Body thickness

Side plate 4mm, bottom plate 5mm.

Sewage tank volume


Filling device cycling time


Discharging cycling time



Equipped with dustbin, hydraulic system and operating system,

Equipped with two advanced reversible hydraulic cylinders,

The vehicle can cooperate with several dustbins to operate effectively,

High pressure, nice leakage, convenient operation and dependable security.

Optional Choice


Choosing Range

Turnover mechanism

Iron bucket, plastic bucket or floor bucket


Oil tank and multiple valve are China-made, optional choice are Italy made multiple valve, Siemens electronic control system. And Chinese rear reversible bucket


4000liters Garbage Compactor truck sale


4000liters Garbage Compactor truck sale


4000liters Garbage Compactor truck sale


4000liters Garbage Compactor truck sale

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