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Hooklift Sanitation truck 3 to 25T Manufacturer hook lift garbage truck hooklift truck




hooklift Sanitation truck Manufacturer hook lift garbage truck hooklift truck CEEC hooklift wholesale low price

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1.Factory direct sale 

2.Specialized in Trucks 10 years

3.a competitive price.     aluminum alloy /Stainless steel /steel inner lined PE

4.with CCC,ISO9001,SGS,ASME

5.chassis is optional  SINO SHACMAN ,HOWO, DFL, HINO /UD, BENZ, MAN ,ISUZU 4x2 ,4x4,6X4 ,6x6,8x4,8x8 .

12*4/10*4/8x8 /8x6 / 8x4 /6x6 /6x*4/ 6x2/ 4x4 /4x2  240HP ~480HP  tractor with semi trailer /full trailers

 Hooklift Features Quick Reference

1. Cab mounted controls...
2. Integrated control valve and hydraulic fluid reservoir...
3. Single lift and tilt cylinders...
4. Front saddles offer support...
5. Resettable tabs...
6. Grease zerks...
7. Rugged rear body tie-downs...
8. Rotary valve...
9. Rear hinge pin...


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CEEC Roll on Roll off truck


CEEC Roll on Roll off truck technical drawing


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Hooklift Sanitation truck 3 to 25T Manufacturer hook lift garbage truck hooklift truck: 


chassis SC1022DB NKR77GLLACJAY CA1120P9K2LE EQ5150KFJ
lifting 1000 kg 3000 kg 6300 kg 8000 kg
maximum 1800 kg 6195 kg 12400 kg 15000 kg
curb 1135 kg 2800 kg 6007 kg 6570 kg
rated 550 kg 3265 kg 6198 kg 8235 kg
max° 48° 48° 48° 50°
hooking ≤29s ≤60 ≤60 ≤60
unload ≤35s ≤60 ≤60 ≤60
max 18Mpa 18Mpa 18Mpa 18Mpa
Size 3850×1485×1810mm 4780×1880×2160mm 6418×2410×2930 6800×2500×3150
wheel 2500mm 2765mm 3750mm 3800mm
front/rear 480/870mm 1015/1000mm 1330/1338mm 1245/1755mm
approaching/departure 58/15° 24/16 22/14.5 34/16
height 800mm 930mm 1450mm 1640mm
track 930mm 860mm 1070mm 1014mm
  • Standard in-cab manual controls which allow for precise metering of the manual hydraulic valve.
  • Patented dump/load interface
  • Hydraulic locks to prevent cylinder movement in case of pressure loss
  • Mechanical rear body tie-down latches
  • Resettable dump/tilt tabs
  • Hydraulic rotary valve to prevent front tilt movement when the dump frame is raised
  • Full length dump frame with front saddles to support the body during the dump mode
  • DX pre-lubricated bushings used at pivot points
  • Grease zerks at all pin points to allow purging of contaminates
  • Greaseable load rollers
  • Stainless steel pins used throughout
  • Two-part polyurethane enamel

Products Catalogue:
Special vehicles made in Special Purpose Vehicle city of China, Suizhou ,including

1.Water truck < water tanker, sprinkler truck, high pressure cleaning truck
2.Vacuum sewage/Fecal suction truck / < vacuum cleaning truck , Vacuum truck
3.Tanker truck
4.Chemical liquid truck
5.Aerial platform truck
7.Powder material trucks
8.Van truck/Insulation truck/Refrigeration truck
9.Fire truck
10.Cement mixer truck
11.Garbage truck
12.liquefied-gas tank truck
13.Truck with crane
14.Dump Truck < tipper, tipper truck, dumper truck, dumper>
15.Tractor & Trailer
16.Tank Container etc.
 with high workmanship, reasonable price.
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