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Professional High Pressure Jetting Truck manufacturer in China, we CEEC TRUCKS can produce mini 4CBM high pressure jetter, 6000L high pressure washing truck, 8CBM ISUZU high pressure road washing truck, 10000Liters RHD jetting truck, 10CBM guardrail washing truck, etc. Basic high pressure jetting truck only installed high pressure pipeline and water pump. Also the truck can performed as fence washing truck, street lamp washing truck, machine cleaning truck.

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2-3CBM mini Water Jetting Truck

4CBM High Pressure Jetting Truck

5CBM High Pressure Washing Truck

6-8CBM Water Jetting Tanker Truck

10,000L Guardrail Washing Truck

10CBM RHD High Pressure Jetter

3-4CBM High Pressure Jetting

Best 3-4CBM high pressure jetting truck with high pressure jetting system & low pressure sprinkling system. The 4000L high pressure jetting vehicle equipped 102HP YUCHAI engine, Manual gearbox, with LHD & RHD for........View More

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