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Professional Garbage Compactor Truck manufacturer & Supplier, our Dongfeng trash compressor truck. Isuzu refuse compression truck, best refuse collection truck, high quality rubbish compactor truck, is high efficiency truck which collect, compress and transport multiple solid waste. It can collect  various refuse range from oridinal waste, wooden crates and other large refuse from international standard 240L, 360L, 660L, 1100L rubbish bins.

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4CBM Garbage Compactor Truck

10000L Garbage Compactor

18CBM Rubbish Compactor Truck

5CBM ISUZU Refuse Compression Truck

12CBM Refuse Compactor Truck

20,000L Waste Management Truck

6CBM Trash Compressor

14CBM Waste Collector

22CBM Refuse Compactor Truck

8CBM Waste Compactor truck

16CBM Garbage Compression Truck

24CBM Garbage Collection Vehicle

5CBM ISUZU Garbage Compression Truck with Japanese technology

reliable quality 5CBM Garbage Compression Truck use carbon steel Q235, with anticorrossion treatment, also the engine is CHAOCHAI 95 horse power engine. most professional garbage compactor truck manufacturer in Chin........View More

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16CBM Refuse Compression Truck Newly design top quality sanitation vehicle hot sale

Reliable quality 16CBM Refuse Compression Truck use carbon steel tank, with thickness for side 5mm, for floor 5mm, with anticorrossion treatment. the 16000Liters garbage compactor trucks equipped with 180 turbo char........View More

Hot tags  :  best 16CBM Refuse Compression Truck wholesale both in domestic and overseas reliable quality 16CBM Refuse Compression Truck with high performance low price sale

15CBM Garbage Compression Truck best waste mangement equipment manufacturer

Best 15CBM multifunctional garbage compactor truck use 180HP engine, Manual Gearbox, with logo and color for optional, also have LHD & RHD for optional, all with double direction compression. the tank is standard car........View More

Hot tags  :  best 15CBM Garbage Compression Truck wholesale in Asia, Africa, South America, etc. high performed 15CBM Garbage Compression Truck wholesale with reliable after-sale service in Asia, Africa, America etc.

8-12CBM FAW Refuse Compactor Truck for Factory TOP SALE

best 8-12CBM Refuse Compactor Truck also named compactor truck, using 185HP FAW engine, with LHD & RHD for optional, also for chassis, the All-Wheel drive can be choose. the tank use high performance carbon stee........View More

Hot tags  :  best 10CBM Refuse Compactor Truck for hot sale in Africa special purpose 8-12CBM FAW rubbish compression vehicles wholesale for environment protection

5CBM Refuse Compactor Truck hot sale best sanitation vehicle

CEEC 5CBM garbage compactor truck use Italy PLC control system, High performance Carbon Steel with anti-rust treatment, engine power is 120HP, have 4x2 LHD & RHD for optional. also the chassis can be All-Wheel Drive......View More

Hot tags  :  best 5CBM Refuse Compactor Truck wholesale with good reputation most high performance 5000 Liters garbage compression trucks for hot sale in China

8CBM Refuse Compression Truck 2016 produced

Most profession 8CBM Refuse Compression Truck manufacturer can provide 8000Liters compactor truck, with 120HP DONGFENG chassis, the carbon steel Q235 tank with anticorrossion treatment, high performed.....View More

Hot tags  :  best 8CBM Refuse Compression Truck for hot sale overseas high quality China best 8000Liters garbage compression truck wholesale in Africa & Asia

12CBM Rubbish Compression Truck with factory price hot sale in China

best 12CBM Rubbish Compression Truck with reliable quality steel garbage tank, all with anticorrossion treatment, also the 12000Liters compression garbage tanker truck have 180 horse power engine and 8-shift manual ........View More

Hot tags  :  Best 12CBM Rubbish Compression Truck wholesale with reliable quality most profession 12CBM Rubbish Compression Truck manufacturer in China

7~8CBM Compressed Refuse Vehicle Lowest price

best 7CBM garbage compactor truck have engine power 120HP, with high performance carbon steel tank all have anticorrision treatment. the 7000L refuse compression truck use Manual Gearbox, 6forward and 1 reverse, all have........View More

Hot tags  :  best 7CBM Garbage Compactor Truck wholesale high performance 7CBM Garbage Compactor Truck for export

6CBM Best Refuse Compression Truck

Best 4CBM garbage compactor truck, using standard carbon steel Q235, with antirust and anticorrission treatment, the 120 horse power engine, and all 4000Liters compression garbage truck have LHD & RHD for option........View More

Hot tags  :  best 6CBM Refuse Compression Truck hot sale in China and other countries most professional 6000Liters garbage compactor truck wholesale with cheap price

10CBM Garbage Compactor Truck with Army Green for military usage

Best 10CBM compression garbage truck manufacturer, produce the 160HP 10000Liters capacity garbage truck, with LHD / RHD for optional, and manual gearbox, the color and logo are designed depend on customers' request.....View More

Hot tags  :  All-wheel-drive 10CBM Garbage Compactor Truck special for export overseas best 4x4 carbon steel garbage compression tanker truck wholesale with 10000Liters capacity

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