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DongFeng 8CBM High Pressure Jetting truck for city sanitation project




DongFeng High pressure jetting truck as one of the most popular sanitation trucks, which is widely used for street creaning all over the world. Being the most prefession high pressure jetting truck manufacturer in China, we CEEC high pressure jetting truck has following advantages (8CBM high pressure jetting truck as an example)


1.    We CEEC TRUCKS are manufacturer, specializing in producing High Pressure Jetting truck many years with good reputation.

2.    The CEEC High 8-10CBM Pressure Jetting truck also named High-Pressure road washer. Which washes the duty on the road, then takes it away through the drainpipe. This type high pressure jetting truck is with multi-function patterns and widely used for environmental protection city works and green belt.

3.    Standard steel (Carbon steel Q235 & Q345, also the Stainless steel can be choose) for the tank, against corrosion resistant, rust protection and well-resisting.

4.    The figure is flat ellipse. The transition of tank and side is by round arc, together with quality print, which makes the whole vehicle harmonious and good looking.

5.    CEEC TRUCKS 8000-10000Liters high pressure jetting trucks use the domestic initiate cleaning mode of high-pressure washing function and watering washing function to adapt to the different road cleaning. Also these two functions can operate together and also can operate separately.

6.    CEEC TRUCKS high pressure jetting trucks equipped with pipe defroster device to avoid the watercourse freeze and damage the water spray system

       7.    Water tank is equipped with low water level sensor alarm system, alarm automatically when   water level is low.

8.    Options for choose: Washing road surface, Multi-angle high intensive sullage cleaning,  Highway railings washing, Spraying for adding humidity and reducing dust, Low & Flat high water flow washing, Road spray, right & left washing flowers, high-pressure spray gun for car washing, lift shaft, snow blade, front spray snow dissolving, standby for fire controlling. Customization is available.


CEEC High Pressure Jetting Washing System:

CEEC high pressure jetting front washing system

CEEC high pressure jetting side washing system

CEEC high pressure jetting rear washing system

CEEC high pressure jetting other washing system



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