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DONGFENG 4CBM garbage compactor truck factory low price sale good quality


 The garbage compactor truck manufactured by CEEC TRUCKS INDUSTRY CO., LIMITED is constructed with 12#low alloy steel and 5mm, 4mm, 10mm steel. The body is mounted on the chassis by the truck beam. The body floor is fully sealed without any leakage. All the waste water can go directly into the sewage tank (which located under truck body), so as not to corrode the body and the chassis. Moreover, it can also prevent the sewage leakage while the truck is driving on the road and avoid the secondary pollution. The garbage tank compression the waste by a hydraulically powered mechanism, which employs a moving plate or shovel to scoop the wastes out from the loading hopper and compress it against a moving wall.
Batch DFAC mini 4000liters garbage compression vehicle sale
There are three kinds of mechanism options available to the customer, barrel turnover mechanism, panel turnover mechanism and tipping mechanism. By the use of hydraulics, the barrel is locked during the overturning process, which is very safe and reliable.

More pictures of hot sale dongfeng 3cbm-5cbm refuse garbage truck manufactured by CEEC TRUCKS:

DONGFENG 4CBM garbage compression trucks factory bottom price sale


DONGFENG 4CBM garbage compression trucks factory bottom price sale   DONGFENG 4CBM garbage compression trucks factory bottom price sale


Product name   DFAC arbage Compactor Truck
Model: CEEC5060ZYSS
Overall dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 6320*2050*2560
Wheelbase(mm) 3300
Gross weight(kg) 6495
Payload(kg) 3500
Curb weight(kg) 3665
Front overhang/rear overhang(mm) 1032/2138
Approach/departure angle 19/10
Axle load(kg) 2825/3670
Chassis model EQ1060TJ20D3
Tire 7.00-16
Tire nos. 6+1
Front tread(mm) 1506
Rear tread(mm) 1466
Engine model CY4102-C3F/95hp

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