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Professional Combined Jetting Truck supplier in China is CEEC TRUCKS, who can supply all kinds of capacity combined jetter vacuum suction truck. Our products include 3+3CBM combined jetting truck, 3+4CBM sewer suction jetting truck, 4+4CBM combined suction jetting truck, 4+5CBM high pressure jetter suction truck, 5+5CBM water jetting fecal suction truck, 7+5CBM combined jetting vacuum suction truck, etc. Some other function are based on customer requirement.

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3+3CBM mini Combined Jetting Truck

3+4CBM High Pressure Jetter Suction Truck

4+4CBM Combined Sewer Jetting Truck

5+4CBM Combined Vacuum Suction Jetter

5+5CBM Combined Vacuum Jet Truck

7+5CBM Sewer Jetting and Vacuum Truck

4+4CBM TOP quality high pressure jetting & fecal suction truck hot sale

CEEC multi-functional combined jetting truck mainly have two functions: high pressure jetting & fecal suction. For the high quality truck, which adopt DFAC tianjin 4x2 chassis, equipped with YUCHAI 180PS engine, FAST........View More

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5+5CBM High quality high pressure jetting vacuum suction trucks hot sale

High quality combined jetting trucks use standard carbon steel material, with capacity 5000liters garbage tank and 5000liters water tank. As for chassis which adopt DFAC brand equipped with YUCHAI turbo engine 180PS, als........View More

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7+5CBM Combined Suction Jetting Truck

Multi-functional combined suction jetting truck with 5CBM washing tank & 7CBM vacuum suction tank, equipped with high pressure pipeline, All the carbon steel tank have anticorrossion treatment. With two control box, ........View More

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4+6CBM Combined Jetting Truck

Best 10CBM combined suction jetting truck with 4CBM washing tank & 6CBM suction tank, equipment with high pressure pipeline, all  tanks use high performance carbon steel, with antirust treatment, engine power ca........View More

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3+3CBM Combined Jetting Truck

Best combined jetting truck has 3CBM suction tank and 3CBM water tank, which means is can be used for suction and washing. the tank material is standard carbon steel Q235, with anticorrosion treatment. with engine power ........View More

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5+5CBM Combined Jetting Truck

Multi-functional combined suction jetting truck with 5CBM washing tank & 5CBM suction tank, equipment with high pressure pipeline, also the high performance hydraulic cylinder. All the carbon steel tank have anticorr........View More

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