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International standard Cesspit Emptier manufacturer can supply stronger upper structurer for all customers. we can produce mini 3CBM vacuum sewage suction truck, 4000L cesspit emptier, 6CBM sucker machine, 8CBM septic pump truck, 10CBM sinotruk RHD sewer suction truck, 16CBM vacuum pump tanker truck and maximum 20000Liters cesspit emptier truck. All vacuum suction trucks are widely welcome by Myanmar, Kenya, Ecuador, Zambia customers.

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3CBM Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck

4CBM Cesspit Emptier

6CBM Sucker Machine

8CBM Septic Pump Truck


14,000L AWD Vacuum Pump Tanker Truck

16CBM Sewage Suction Truck

16-18CBM Cesspit Emptier Truck

18-20CBM Sewage Vacuum Truck

SINOTRUK 10CBM RHD Cesspit Emptier Export

Best quality SINOTRUK RHD 10CBM cesspit emptier USE sinotruk RHD chassis, equipped with WEICHAI 266HP, HW15710 special designed transmission gearbox for smoothly driving feeling. As for vacuum tank, the rated loading cap........View More

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16CBM vacuum sewage suction truck for Africa customer

Best performed 16CBM vacuum sewage suction truck use DONGFENG chassis, equipped CUMMINS B210 33 engine with 210HP, FAST brand 8-shift manual transmission gearbox made driving more smoothly. International standard carbon ........View More

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8000Liters vacuum sewage sucker machine for export

2016produced Dongfeng 8CBM cesspit emptier equipped CUMMINS B190 33 engine with 190HP and euro 3 standard 5900cc emission. 6-shift manual gearbox provide easy operation. WEILONG brand vacuum pump with high performance, a........View More

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6-7CBM Cesspit Emptier with high pressure jetting pipeline

2016 designed 6000liters cesspit emptier use Euro 3 DONGFENG chassis, with CHAOCHAI CY4102 engine with 120HP and 3856cc emission. The 3800mm wheelbase DFAC vacuum sewage suction truck equipped with 6000liters carbon stee........View More

Hot tags  :  6-7CBM vacuum sewage suction tanker truck reliable quality cesspit emptier for sale high quality septic pump truck

10CBM cesspit emptier DONGFENG septic pump truck for sale

Cesspit emptier use DONGFENG chassis, equipped with famous CUMMINS B190 33 engine, which has 5900cc euro3 emission standard. As for septic pump we have domestic brand and imported brand for customer choice. Suction tank ........View More

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8000-10000Liters multifuctional vacuum sewage suction trucks hot sale

Multifuctional vacuum sewage suciton trucks use DFAC brand 4x2 chassis, equipped with CUMMINS 190HP engine, FAST 8-shift transmission gearbox, with 4Tons front axle and 9Tons rear axle. The 10000Liters suction tanks mate........View More

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6CBM Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck spetic pump equipment for sale

DFAC High quality 6000liters vacuum sewage suction truck use famous Chinese brand DongFeng chassis,equipped with CHAOCHAI 120HP engine, 6-shift transmission gearbox, very reasonable price and good quality. As for th........View More

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10CBM Vacuum Sewage Suction trucks septic suction pump truck export to Bolivia good price

High quality Used DFAC vacuum sewage suction truck use original Italy pump, very good quality and high performance. As for the 10000L septic pump truck tank, the material is standard carbon steel ,all with anti-corrossio........View More

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9000Liters sewage suction trucks cesspit emptier for export

2015 new design vacuum sewage suction truck use standard DongFeng 4x2 chassis, equipped with CUMMINS engine, with very strength 180 horse power engine, also equipped with FAST 8-shift transmission gearbox, As the upper s........View More

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5CBM Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck tiny DFAC sewage management equipment for export low price

Best 5CBM vacuum sewage suction truck supplier in China, CEEC can provide high performance cesspit emptier truck, with high vacuum pressure, vacuum rate can be up to 95%, as for the tank material is carbon steel with ant........View More

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