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CEEC teaching you away from bad driving habbits and protect your trucks



Damage your previous trucks parts are often due to the unsual driving casued by improper driving habit, please driving at proper way, which can effectively extend the life of your trucks.


Following use the CEEC Bucket Truck as an examply:

CEEC bucket truck


1. According to Bucket Truck speed shift position

A lot of bucket truck driver choose the easy way, not timely replacement of bucket truck shift, even if the bucket truck does not match because the stall and speed appear to tremble is also true, so that damage to the engine is very heavy, and fuel consumption will increase, the best way is based on road conditions and bucket truck speed.

CEEC engineer teaching operation


2. The Irrational use of the bucket truck clutch 

When some of new bucket truck driver driving the truck, because the bucket truck are not familiar with each other, or some other reasons, the driver keep feet on the top of the clutch pedal, the clutch always in a semi-linkage state, which heavily damage the clutch. In order to extend the life of the clutch, so please try to make a smooth start.


3. Steering wheel rotation angle is too large

The direction of the booster pump is one of the most frequently used components in the bucket truck, unreasonable use is likely ro result in premature bucket truck booster pump damage. In the direction, the best back in the direction is killed and the pull that it can effectively extend the service life of the direction of the booster pump.


4. Stepping on the brake and holding

Downhill when stepping on the brake and hold the bucket truck driver most likely to commit errors, this can easily lead to the overheating of the brake pads, bucket truck brake situatioon. To control the speed is normal bucket truck driving, avoid unnecessary braking, downhill to make full use of engine braking force control speed, should perferably be pumping the brake, to prevent loss of control.


5. The frequent using of combination switch when overtaking

Many bucket truck drivers like to stop the conversion is far beam to alert the super vehivle, an instant convert in the combination switch, adopted by the current than the normal use of light to large, making it easy to line fault.

CEEC switch


6. Not observing the odometer 

The Bucket truck odometer design in place, basically all bucket trucks parts wirk properly or not, which can be seen directly in the odometer, we should be observing the meter at any time in the usual driving:

CEEC odometer


Once found to have unnormal signals, you should check immediately. Normal damage of bucket truck vehicles tend to be artificially caused by improper operation, we should maintain good driving habits in the normal bucket truck driving, so that a reasonable Aerial Platform Truck, in order to extend the life of the bucket truck.


CEEC bucket truck


CEEC bucket truck


CEEC bucket truck 

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