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CEEC teach you how to maintain the Tire



As the most professional special purpose truck manufacturer, we CEEC can provide following trucks garbage compactor truck, road sweeper truck, water tanker truck; combined jetting truck; high pressure jetting truck; vacuum suction truck; roll on roll off truck, etc 


We CEEC not only provide high quality trucks to meet our customers requirement, but also provide best selling service & after-sale service. As the most important part of the truck, the good and suitable tire is very necessary for the truck. In CEEC, you can choose different brand of tire, including famous Chinese brand Triangle, Double coin, Chengshan, Michelin, GST, Chaoyang, etc. and famous foreign brand Brandstone, Dunlop, Hankook, YOKO, Goodyear, etc. we CEEC can service all these based on customers' requirement.


When you get your truck, and change the right tire, please read the following to make better use of your truck and maintain the tire better:


Firstly, always have an inspection on your trucks' tire pressure, for both higher and lower tire pressure will damage your tire, and reduction the tire's service life.


Secondly, Check the tire crack and pattern carefully regularelly, for the deeper crack in the truck means the service life for the tire comes to an end, you need replace it immediate to avoid any traffic accident.


Thirdly, Check the service life of all tire, when the truck use over 6years or over 10000kw, please change the tire immediate,  for it could be very dangerous.


Fourthly, Check and change the old and damaged tire, please change the same style tire.


Fifthly, When parking your truck, please note that you can not part the truck on bulky and sharp obstacles road. Also do not park your truck together with oil, acid, etc.


Sixthly, Check the tire regularly, cleaning the tire, avoid the tire being damaged by sharp rock.


Following show previous export truck changing Brandstone tire:

CEEC trucks changing tire


CEEC trucks changing tire


CEEC trucks changing tire


CEEC trucks changing tire


CEEC trucks changing tire


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