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CEEC dispatched 4 units 10CBM Water Sprinkler Tanker Truck to SHANGHAI China



Thank for domestic customer kindly trust, we CEEC TRUCKS got second order of providing another 4units DFAC 10CBM water sprinkler tanker truck for SHANGHAI City Sanitation Project. Customer is moved by our professional knowledge of water tanker trucks and our honest working attitude, also with best service for previous bought 8units DongFeng 10000liters water tanker trucks, so for these four units, he placed order without any hesitation.

DFAC 10CBM Water Tanker Truck

For these four units water tanker truck, as customer requirement, we choose DONGFENG tianjin chassis, Euro 4 emission standard CUMMINS 180HP engine, 8-shift manual transmission gearbox which provide easy driving. As for water tank, the material is carbon steel Q235 with thickness over 4mm. On top of the 10000liter capacity oval water tank have some basic equipment: one man-hole for easy maintenance; two rows of guardrail for safety maintenance; one climbing ladder for convenient; Two arrow-shape warning lamp for safety working.

As for Rear Spraying Platform, which is standard equippment for water tanker trucks, but customer asked for special parts for car washing purpose. This system added special to meet customer requirement, which mainly have following parts:

1. Water Supercharger When water flow out directly from the oval tank, the water is in normal pressure; after the supercharge by the machine showing as below, the water will be in high pressure, and can be jetting out at very high speed.

Water supercharger


2. Manual Rolling High Pressure Pipeline: The over 20meters long high pressure jetting pipeline with one side connect with the Supercharger, and the other side connect with Spraying Gun. The water go through the pipeline with high pressure and can be used washing cars, also can be used spraying in long distance.

Manual rolling high pressure pipeline

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Water Sprinkler Truck Dongfeng (10,000 litres)


Vehicle Brand


Chassis Brand


Overall Dimension

8600 * 2480 * 2850 mm

GVW / Kerb Weight

16,000 kg / 6,705 kg


Cab Capacity

3 persons allowed

Air Conditioner

Air conditioner is optional


Fuel Type


Engine Brand

CUMMINS engine


190 Hp (140 KW)


5900 ml

Emission Standard

Euro III


Drive Type

4X2, left hand drive


6-speed forward, 1 reverse

Wheelbase/No. of axle

4500 mm / 2

Tyre Specification


Tyre Number

8 tyres and 1 spare tyre

Max Speed

90 km/h


Metallic paint


Tank Capacity

10,000 Litres ( About 2,600 gallons)

Tank Material

Carbon steel

Flow Speed

1000 litres / min


90 m

Suction Head

6 m


** Tank material could be stainless steel or carbon steel with non-toxic treatment for potable water, safe for human body.

Video showing these 4units Water Sprinkler Tanker Trucks as below:



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