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Brief introduction for CEEC produced road sweeper trucks



Road sweeper trucks as one of the most important sanitation trucks, which mainly classified into 2 broad catagories: STREET SWEEPING TYPE & HIGH PRESSURE WASHING TYPE. 

Type 1: Street Sweeping Trucks

CEEC produced road sweeper trucks   CEEC produced road sweeper trucks

As one of the professional sanitation trucks manufacturer in China, we CEEC TRUCKS INDUSTRY CO., LIMITED can produce all kinds of road sweeper based on customers requirement.


Road sweeper (also called street sweeper, municipal vehicle, sweeping car, street cleaner sweeper and cleaning truck, street cleaning vehicle) is suitable for brushing, suction and transportation of dusts, leaves, mud, soil, sand, stone chips, gravels and other small particles on the ground of city roads and areas. This unit shall be suitable for dry type cleaning job as well as dust suppression with water spray in the road side and narrow lanes.

The road sweeper truck is composed by chassis, auxiliary engine, air blower, magnetic valve, debris bin, water bin, sweeping system, suction system, water sprinkling system, hydraulic system, electrical control system, etc.

Optional Two or Four brooms Sweeping system and suction system combine working, high efficient. Water sprinklers equipped on brooms, suction nozzle, effective dust suppression.

Technical drawing for CEEC road sweeper trucks

Following show CEEC New Designed road sweeper:

Rear Door Self-lock SystemThe rear door absorbed foreign high-tech design, self lock when close the door.

CEEC road sweeper

Brush System: Reliable quality brush special used in Europe, following show our two kinds of brush system  for optional: 4 sweepers & 2 Sweepers

CEEC road sweeper   CEEC road sweeper

High Quality DFAC road sweeper truck   High Quality DFAC road sweeper truck

Control Box system: the control box are installed in the cab, and the box are totally made of Stainless Steel.

CEEC road sweeper control box   CEEC road sweeper control box    

Type 2: Street Suction Washing Trucks

Compared with road sweeping trucks, street suction washing trucks do not equipped with brushing system, instead of high pressure suction system, which can made the street more cleaning.

CEEC produced road sweeper trucks   CEEC produced road sweeper trucks




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