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Brief introduction for CEEC TRUCKS products Painting



As the most professional Sanitation Trucks manufacturer, we CEEC TRUCKS products, including garbage compactor truck, road sweeper truckwater tanker truck; combined jetting truck; high pressure jetting truck; cesspit emptier truck; roll on roll off truck,etc, are widely sale all over the world, not only because the good quality and relatively lower price, but also for the paint for all CEEC products.


CEEC TRUCKS products painting mainly have following steps:


1. Kindly check the whole truck to know whether the truck surface is smooth, and cleaning the whole truck


Polishing the garbage tank



2. Using sander to polish the truck to make it smoothly, and cleaning the whole part before painting. (the picture show the garbage compactor truck rear loading device after polishing)







how to treat the sunk part in truck




3. To the sunk part, it is very necessary to add some solid material to cover the it. Then the step is using abrasive paper to polish them. (the picture show the garbage compactor truck the whole tank with before painting treatment)






4.  when the whole part looks smooth,the it is time to painting. For CEEC products, the painting have 3 layers. all our target is to make our trucks not only used well, but also looks good.


Please note that we CEEC trucks mainly have two kinds of painting for optional: Baking Painting & Sparying Painting.

Baking Painting    Spraying Painting

                                  Baking Painting                                                      Spraying Painting


Following show CEEC previous export for reference (garbage compactor truck as an example)

Optional A:

Optional A


Optional B:

Optional B


Optional C:

Optional C


Optional D:

Optional D


Optional E:

Optional E


Above are some of the best selling painting for CEEC garbage compactor truck, also any other painting requirement will be satisfied. And we can take off all Chinese logo and painting customers' logo.


Warmly welcome all customers to have a visit to our factory.


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