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Professional Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck manufacturer can produce 8CBM septic pump truck, 10CBM sinotruk RHD sewer suction truck, 8-12CBM JAC cesspit emptier, 14CBM vacuum pump tanker truck, etc. All our products are with good quality and have LHD & RHD drive type to satisfy all customer. 

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8CBM Septic Pump Truck


14,000L AWD Vacuum Pump Tanker Truck

8-10CBM Multifunction Cesspit Emptier

8-12CBM JAC Sewage Vacuum Truck

14CBM Sewage Sucker Machine

6-10CBM Cesspit Emptier truck high quality vacuum pump truck HOT SALE

DongFeng 6-10CBM high quality cesspit emptier have the characters of high efficiency, self-cleaning and direct irrigating. The 8000Liters vacuum sewage suction truck mainly used for pumping the sewage, fecal, slurry and ........View More

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