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6000liters cesspit emptier for our city sanitation works



As professional special purpose trucks manufacturer in China, we CEEC TRUCKS produced all kinds of environmental protection trucks every year. Some of CEEC products export to Africa countries Congo, Ecuador, South Africa, Tanzania, etc; Asia countries Myanmar, Vietnam, Phillipine, etc; South America Peru etc; and some for domestic project.

At end year of 2015, we company signed contract with a town in North China about purchasing 6units vacuum sewage suction truck for the whole town sanitaiton project. The following show advanced features and function for the first finished 6CBM Cesspit Emptier as sample truck, also technical parameter for reference.

6000liter vacuum sewage suction tanker truck



Cesspit Emptier (also called sewer cleaning truck, sewage tanker, sewer truck, vacuum sewage suction truck, gully emptier, vacuum truck, gully emptier, waste vacuum tanker, vacuum tanker, sewage truck) is used to collect, transport and discharge liquid such as dirty water, sludge, septic, crude oil, and solid stuff such as small stones, bricks as well. It is suitable for cleaning the sewer, cesspit, cesspool, gully, etc. It is widely used in environment and sanitation field.

---- Dongfeng 3800mm wheelbase chassis, perfect performance.
---- CUMMINS engine 140HP or CHAOCHAI engine 120HP for optional, super powerful; reliable performance, no overhaul within 100,000 km.
---- Standard carbon steel Q235 material round vacuum tank, nice shape and rational structure, good quality.
---- Standard equipped famous Chinese brand Hangzhou WEILONG Vacuum pump super powerful, highly efficient.
---- Massive, durable, long service life. And after-sale service can be as long as 12mon


Technical Drawing for Cesspit Emptier:

Cesspit Emptier Technical Drawing

Cesspit Emptier DongFeng (6,000 Liters)


Vehicle Brand


Chassis Brand


Overall Dimension

6490 * 2200 * 2550 mm

GVW / Kerb Weight

9,400 kg / 4,605 kg


Cab Capacity

3 persons allowed

Air Conditioner

Air conditioner is optional


Fuel Type


Engine Brand

Cummins engine


140 Ps (103 KW)


3900 ml

Emission Standard

Euro III


Drive Type

4X2, left or right hand drive


5-speed front, 1 reverse

Wheelbase/No. of axle

3800 mm / 2

Tyre Specification


Tyre Number

6 tires and 1 spare tyre

Max Speed

95 km/h


Metallic paint


Tank Capacity

6,000 Liters (about 1,600 gallons)

Tank Material

Carbon steel

Suction Head


Vacuum Pump

Highly efficient, vacuum rate 93%,
quick suction and discharge, suction lift 6m.


High quality, wire strengthened hose

Rear door can be hydraulic opened for complete discharge of solid stuff.

Install vacuum Pump drive by engine through PTO, hydraulic system, multi-way valve, pressure gauges, water-gas separator, oil-gas separator, oil tank reservoir, level inspection window and suction hose.

All standard accessories: inlet, discharge, anti-fill valve……..


** Tank material could be carbon steel, stainless steel..…..
** Vacuum pump could be imported brand……

6CBM Cesspit Emptier

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6000liter vacuum sewage suction tanker truck


6000liter vacuum sewage suction tanker truck


6000liter vacuum sewage suction tanker truck


6000liter vacuum sewage suction tanker truck


6000liter vacuum sewage suction tanker truck


6000liter vacuum sewage suction tanker truck


Following pictures show details for the 2016 newly designed Cesspit Emptier:

6CBM Cesspit Emptier


6CBM Cesspit Emptier High pressure jetting pipeline


6CBM Cesspit Emptier vacuum pump


6CBM Cesspit Emptier rear discharging valve


6CBM Cesspit Emptier climbing ladder


6CBM Cesspit Emptier hydraulic tank


6CBM Cesspit Emptier manual operation joysticks


6CBM Cesspit Emptier rear discharging system


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