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5 units DONGFENG Guardrail Washing Truck 10CBM water tanker manufacturer supply



Guardrail Washing Truck also can be called freeway fence washing truck, high way safety guard cleaning truck, road cleaning truck, street guardrail cleaning truck, etc.

10CBM guardrail washing truck for sale   10CBM guardrail washing truck for sale

As the profession guardrail washing truck manufacturer we can provide freeway guard washing truck with different capacity & different brush system. Following show this month we CEEC produced 10CBM guardrail cleaning truck video (from manufacturer in plant to ready for customers):

1.   Freeway Guardrail Cleaning Truck 2016 lowest price hot sale

2.   Factory directly supply freeway fence washing truck hot sale

3.   DongFeng 10CBM freeway fence washing truck manufacturer supply lowest price

4.   Wonderful Street Cleaning Truck DFAC 10CBM guardrail washing trucks for sale

5.   5units guardrail washing truck DongFeng street cleaning vehicle ready to customer

10CBM guardrail washing truck for sale


Advanced technical features for Guardrail Cleaning Truck:

1. Double engine, high and low pressure waterway system. High pressure water pump was driven by second engine, washing speeds could ranges from 0-15km/h.

2. Fronted equipped Fence Washing System can meet Module-assembled various washing function and assessibility.

3. High-pressure washing, powerfully cleaning and efficiently water-saving.

4. High-pressure water pump, spray nozzle, spray gun and other key components are international famous brand, reliable performance, integrated control of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic.

5. The interior of the oval tank is treated with alloy anti-corrosion layer. Also equipped with light which can help the guardrail cleaning truck working at night.

10CBM guardrail washing truck Washing System   10CBM guardrail washing truck Washing System

6. Famous Chinese brand YIFENG centrifugal self-priming pump 80QZ60/90 model, which has basic information and features as below:

pump type


head ( m )

the input shaft speed of ( min )

Shaft power ( KW ) m

Self-priming height()

self-priming height
( min/8m )

input shaft rotation direction

( m3/h )


80QZ60/90N ( S )








rotate around

1. pump work before the pump will be filled with water, or mechanical sealdamage caused by water leakage;
2 the temperature below zero, after the completion of the work, must put thedry pump water, otherwise due to icing bursting pump body;
3 when water containing silt, long fiber sundries, water should take strictprecautions against the suction pump to damage the mechanical seal and theimpeller;
4 in normal self-priming height, pump start after 2 minutes, also is not water,please immediately stop check!
5 for the loss caused by the user is responsible for.

7. If necessary, we can have all customers choose imported Italy pump.

2016 design 10CBM guardrail washing truck advantages


2016 design 10CBM guardrail washing truck advantages


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