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4x2 Mini Vacuum Sweeper Truck best road sweeper trucks Manufacturers sweeping trucks export with LOW Price



4x2 Mini Vacuum Sweeper Truck best road sweeper trucks Manufacturers sweeping trucks export with LOW Price:


Special Purpose Function&Technical Patameters

Compared with common road sweeper, this model has more functions:

Road sweeping, road flushing, multi-angle slush flushing, separation zone cleaning, freeway guard rail flushing,

spraying, moistening and dust containing, high pressure water gun for car cleaning/low flat flushing with strong

water flow, road sprinkling and flower watering from both sides and so on.


1.The Vice-engine sweepers no. Fans and other work devices to take power through the chassis engine to drive.

2. Cleaning device with Automatic Collision Avoidance Obstacle protection and automatic reset function (by

national patent)

3. "Mid four brush - rear nozzle" structure layout with sweeping wide, clean and efficient features, and facilitate

the cleaning device and nozzle adjustment and maintenance.

4.Pneumatic conveying system with digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology and efficient sweepers

dedicated fans and can auto-leveling with the road the whole floating nozzle. 5.Sweeper combined with trochar disc,

it can work excellently and can automotically choose work type according to waste condition on the ground and

speed of the truck. ;

6.Trash and water tank large, continuous cleaning operation a long time.

7. Left, right front linkage scan can work independently or can choose to use the right front or left front sweep sweep

to work independently.

8.Hydraulic system with superimposed solenoid hydraulic valve, highly integrated, reliable, easy maintenance;

9. Control switch installed in the driver focused interior, all electronic control can be found in cab ,Beautiful appearance

designed via computer

Basic Information

Outline size (L×W×H) mm


capacity (litre)


Empty mass weight (Kg)


Chassis Information

Chassis model


Driving Directions

left hand drive


Wheel base(mm)


Max speed(km/h)


Tire specification


Approach/departure angle(°)


Front track base(mm)


Rear track base(mm)


Traction system





Number of axle


Electric system


Operation control  system

Steering wheel

Allowable passengers in cab

Engine Information

Engine Model

diesel engine


96 (130hp)/ 2999


Engine Manufacture




vehicle-specific set feature of sweeping, cleaning, watering in one, and the operation is simple.

Sweep width: 2000 mm, cleaning capacity: 40000m2 / h,

cleaning speed: 3-20km/h,Cleaning Efficiency: 90%; maximum inhalation size: 120mm; nozzle minimum ground clearance: 200mm

Sweeping vehicle with brush 4, bellows


Work principle

Install four rotating brushes, when the vehicle forward the rubbish and sand will be brought by rotating brushes to the in the middle of the vehicle, with the use of the vacuum suction head ,the rubbish and sand pumping into the waste collection tank in the box.


Installed a rubbish bin (containing water tank), install an engine as a power source, equipped with twin hydraulic pumps, hydraulic control systems, hydraulic actuator, respectively, to make the driven fans, sweeping brushes, suction cups, pumps, bins and so on to work



Special Purpose Function&Technical Patameters






Compared with common road sweeper, this model has more functions:

Road sweeping, road flushing, multi-angle slush flushing, separation zone cleaning, freeway guard rail flushing,

spraying, moistening and dust containing, high pressure water gun for car cleaning/low flat flushing with strong water flow, road sprinkling and flower watering from both sides and so on.


1.The Vice-engine sweepers no. Fans and other work devices to take power through the chassis engine to drive.

2. Cleaning device with Automatic Collision Avoidance Obstacle protection and automatic reset function (by national patent)

3. "Mid four brush - rear nozzle" structure layout with sweeping wide, clean and efficient features, and facilitate the cleaning device and nozzle adjustment and maintenance.

4.Pneumatic conveying system with digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology and efficient sweepers dedicated fans and can auto-leveling with the road the whole floating nozzle. 5.Sweeper combined with trochar disc, it can work excellently and can automotically choose work type according to waste condition on the ground and speed of the truck. ;

6.Trash and water tank large, continuous cleaning operation a long time.

7. Left, right front linkage scan can work independently or can choose to use the right front or left front sweep sweep to work independently.

8.Hydraulic system with superimposed solenoid hydraulic valve, highly integrated, reliable, easy maintenance;

9. Control switch installed in the driver focused interior, all electronic control can be found in cab ,Beautiful appearance designed via computer






Max cleaning width (mm)  2800
Max cleaning capacity (m2/h)   42000
(PM 10)Cleaning efficiency   95%
Max cleaning speed (km/h)   15
Max tipping angle (°)   45°
Max suction granularity (mm)   50

Water tank capacity (L)

Garbage tank capacity (L) 4500


Detail Pictures for the DongFeng road sweeping trucks:

DFAC off road sweeping trucks




Packaging &Shipping
1.About the package of our trucks,usually it is nude that covered with wax.And it also can be packed as your need.
2.About the shipping,there are many ways,such as  Ro-Ro Ship / Bulk transport / Container packing / SKD / etc. And it can be offered according to your request.



Our services
A.Delivery time
Usually within 10 to 25 days after getting your deposit. And the accurate time depends on your QTY.
B.Terms of payment
30% of contract amount must be paid by T/T before the production. After the completed trucks are checked and confirmed well by our clients, the balance shall be paid before the shipment.
C.Truck warranty to solve our clients’ worries when purchasing
The warranty period is one year or 25000KM that drove under normal operation and control since our clients get the trucks. And we can supply maintenance for the whole life.


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