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4units Dongfeng 14000Liters Trash Compressor Truck shipping to Algeria



New year new beginning! After Happy Chinese New Year, then we can say that it is the beginning of our new year work.

Firstly, I would like to say sorry to our dear customer from AlgeriaAlgeria , because of the Chinese New Year Holiday, the shipping day have to put off ten days. During Feb 5, 2016 to Feb 15, 2016, all Chinese people enjoy their holiday, they left the work place and back home to enjoy the holiday together with their family. Which also means no ship working that days.

Take customers requirement into consideration, when we back to work at Feb 14, 2016 and then send the DFAC 14CBM garbage compactor truck to SHANGHAI Seaport the next day. Also send trucks at seaport pictures to customer by email, customer said that he understand this is traditional Chinese holiday, and he make warmest greetings to us. Thank you my friend and hope our business relationship would be forever.

DFAC 14CBM refuse compression truck for sale


Following show advanced features for CEEC 14000Liters garbage compactor truck:

The garbage compactor truck usually called trash compressor truck, compress garbage truck, compression garbagetruck, waste compactor truck, compactor garbage truck, etc.

The DongFeng 14CBM trash compressor truck usually compress the waste using a hydraulically powered mechanism that employs a moving plate or shovel to scoop the waste out from the loading hopper andcompress it against a moving wall. In most compactor designs, the plate has apointed edge (hence giving it the industry standard name packer blade) which isdesigned to apply point pressure to the waste to break down bulky items in thehopper before being drawn into the main body of the truck.

Our garbage refuse compactor truck isan ideal compactor for large clean-up operations. It is simple to operate andhighly effective with excellent compaction ratio. This vehicle is ideallysuited to Municipal applications where large amounts of mixed industrial anddomestic refuse are to be collected.

Our garbage compactor is consisted offour main parts, sealed garbage compartment, hydraulic system, and operatingsystem and lifting cylinder. Fully sealed. It can compact and dump the garbage automatically.The sewage will flow in the compartment completely to avoid re-pollute duringtransportation.

As a professional special vehiclemanufacturer in China, the garbage compression truck we produce is from 4m³ to 18m³.Also, beside the rear load garbage compactor truck, we also have side loadinggarbage compactor truck for sale.

DFAC 14CBM refuse compression truck for sale


DFAC 14CBM refuse compression truck for sale


Following show technical specifications for CEEC 14000Liters garbage compactor truck:

Main specification

Product model and name

CEEC5160ZYS    Garbage Compactor Truck / Trash Compressor Truck

Gross weight(Kg)


Drive type

4X2, LHD

Curb weight(Kg)


Overall dimension(mm)


Approach/departure angle(°)


Cab seats


Axle No.


Front/rear hang(mm)


Axle load(Kg)




Max speed(Km/h)




Chassis specification

Chassis model



Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd

Brand name




Tyre specification


Tire No.

6+1(one spare tire)

Steel spring number


Front track base(mm)


Fuel type


Rear track base(mm)


Emission standard

Euro III


8 forward & 1reverse gear


Single row, Luxurious interior trim with power steering and A/C

Engine model

Engine manufacturer




Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co.,Ltd




Box volume


Box material


Box dimension

Side 4mm,buttom 4mm

Operation control system

Manual + Automatic

Main Characteristic

1,Can choose 240L(single bin, double bins)or 360L,660L,1100L standard lifting and turnover device(plastic or steel garbage bin), can also choose ground hopper ,swing arm device or other kinds of loading device.
2,With manual and automatic two sets of control method, the operator can control in the cabin, in the middle side or the back of the truck , very convenient and efficient. With working device of emergency braking stop button.
3,Garbage body use frame design, elegant, strong structure, large effective capacity.
4,Equipped with special collection box, sewage directly into the sewage tank in the process of compression, that is effectively prevent second pollution caused by sewage leaks.
5,Through hydraulic system design, the truck achieve the function of two-way garbage compression, that is improve the compressibility ,make the compression ratio up to 1:2.5,the garbage can reach more then 600~800kg/m3 after compression.


DFAC 14CBM refuse compression truck for sale


DFAC 14CBM refuse compression truck for sale


DFAC 14CBM refuse compression truck for sale


DFAC 14CBM refuse compression truck for sale



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